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Can I Change My Destiny?

What is Destiny?

Our destiny is the tentative future path that lies ahead of us at any given now, subject to everything that affects us continuing along its current trajectory. Of course, we cannot possibly know our destiny even if that condition of continuance were satisfied because we cannot possibly know about everything that affects us.

What Determines My Destiny?

Spiritually we are part of an infinite existence, of which our current incarnation forms but the smallest step. Before beginning the journey known as life we agree, with our guides and helpers, what the overall purpose of that adventure will be, ie the experiences we will seek and the lessons we will try to learn. But to have any meaning whatsoever we are also endowed with free will.

It is that pre-agreed life purpose that many people interpret as our destiny. It often manifests itself by recurrent themes that present themselves throughout life. But destiny is not fixed as our free will and that of countless others, along with unforeseeable events that “just happen”, continually re-write the script.

Possibility, fate and actuality

From infinite possibility our unique incarnation defines a range of potentialities, ie fate. Within this fate the choices we make determine our actuality.

So, while we cannot wholly control our destiny, we can influence it through the appropriate application of our free will. One day soon we’ll all be “dead”, it’s what happens in between that counts. And this, ultimately, is what makes life worthwhile.

Can Psychics See the Future?

People spend a small fortune visiting psychics and mediums of various kinds seeking knowledge of what is to come, maybe to try to change their destiny, or simply to be forewarned. Genuine psychics are able to raise their consciousness to become more aware of the usually hidden Spiritual plane. In so doing they may be able to become aware of your pre-agreed life plan, and/or of other factors taking place that may influence you. It’s a bit like being able to see more by climbing to the top of a tall building.

But even the best psychics cannot foretell the future with complete accuracy, because the future does not yet exist. It is created by the myriad acts of free will and other unpredictable events.

As Above, So Below

The destiny of the individual self mirrors that of the physical universe. Once set in motion (created) both the physical universe and the individual self have a (theoretical) projected destiny that they would follow in the absence of other intervention.


At any point in time the physical universe, and our personal existence, has a “default” destiny, determined by the state of its constituent parts at that time, which they would follow in the absence of other influence.

However, that destiny is subject to constant influence by the action of our will, the will of other living entities, and the will of our Spiritual source. The mechanism by which these various “wills” are able to exert their influence is hinted at by the scientific theory of quantum mechanics.

Everything Happens For a Reason

Destiny is largely unpredictable, but it is not random. Every event, every experience, happens for a reason. That reason might be the unseen hand of Spirit creating circumstances for our progress. Or it might be more indirect, eg the effects of others’ free choice. Sometimes those external influences will negate our most carefully planned and most determined efforts. But whatever its cause, every experience brings the chance to learn and grow, it is our responsibility to see and use the opportunity.

How Can I Change My Destiny?

This question is often asked from dissatisfaction with current circumstances. But at least questioning how we can change produce change is a positive first step as it acknowledges that we can (to some extent) influence our destiny.

It’s ironic that discomfort or despair usually serve as the greatest motivators to change, eg many of the greatest works of art or pieces of music have been created by the most troubled souls. But pain must be channeled. Anger, frustration, self-pity etc are wholly negative and serve only to waste precious time and energy to no effect. Ask yourself what you can do now / today / this week etc. Then do it.

Generally, our greatest threat is the mirage of the comfort zone, at best a very temporary haven quickly eroded by the inevitability of continual change. True fulfillment comes from proactivity, grasping the moment and squeezing every molecule of potential from it. Enough is never enough.

Take pleasure from every positive step, but do not be satisfied with token achievement (the false lure of the comfort zone). Relentlessly seek genuine progress.

To effect desired change we must identify our desired destiny, ie what we really want. Take some time over this because, as the old adage says, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

It helps to diagram your goals, working backwards from each long-term ideal through a series of intermediate sub-goals until you reach actions that you can do today to help shape your destiny as you would like it, eg:

diagram your goals

Along with defining your goals, determine also your available resources. Your resources are the levers by which you can transform your will into actual influence, eg time, energy, money.

We must all use a certain amount of resources to survive, eg the time to sleep, eat and drink. Most of us have to engage in some kind of work to pay our bills, and many have responsibilities to loved ones. These things are a given; what remains is what we have available to influence our destiny. It is imperative that these discretionary resources are directed appropriately to create the destiny we desire.

Periodically review your goals to check they’re still valid. If they change, so too must your present actions.

Don’t be defeated by disappointment. Our influence is but one (albeit significant) of many factors affecting our destiny. Always seek to learn from setbacks, and to continue along your pathway wiser and stronger for the experience.

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  1. Trying to change the direction of my destiny using life words. Need help

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