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Understanding Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The Modern Epidemic

Despite modern life offering unprecedented technological benefits, and medical science being able to cure or alleviate many more physical ailments than ever before, somehow "happiness" seems more elusive than ever for a growing number.

Stress, anxiety and depression are a modern epidemic affecting literally millions. The effects of these debilitating conditions are made even worse by the stigma they carry.

If you're unfortunate enough to suffer a physical problem friends, family, colleagues invariably rally around with offers of help. If you're unfortunate enough to suffer a mental problem those same people frequently keep their distance as though you're highly contagious or somehow responsible for your suffering. (more…)

Manchester: Now Is the Time to ​Take Action and ​Heal

by David Shapiro

The May 22 bombing in Manchester has left many dead and more wounded. The short and long-term traumatic stress on Ariana Grande Concert participants and their friends and families may also be horrible and extensive. Everything should be done to support their physical and mental healing.

This is the time to do everything possible to reduce the anguish, traumatic stress and anxiety among survivors and their friends and families, both to reduce their suffering and to prevent them from developing post-traumatic stress disorder from the horror of the event.

But what are the symptoms that may lead to post-traumatic stress if left unchecked? (more…)

The Illusion of Fear

Fear is part of our evolutionary physiology. The "fight or flight" response has helped your ancestors, back to the dawn of time, survive long enough for you to be reading this. The trouble is that while modern life doesn't present us many life or death situations, its complexity causes the fight or flight response to kick in way more often than is good for us. If we’re not careful the result can be irrational fear, leading to problems of anxiety, stress, depression, self-doubt and ultimately paralysis of the life force that drives the fulfillment of our very purpose.

Fear manifests itself as a variety of illusions, eg (more…)

Overcome Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are real, debilitating, common [1], experienced by all kinds of people, often misunderstood - and - treatable. This article defines what a panic attack is, considers the likely causes, and outlines recommended treatments - including one highly effective natural technique.

What is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack is an acute episode of severe anxiety. Panic attacks are usually accompanied by a range of physical symptoms ranging from uncomfortable to crippling. These symptoms may include heart palpitations, breathlessness, sweating or feeling chilled, trembling, dizziness, and/or the feeling of detachment or even "going crazy" (among others).

Not only are panic attacks very unpleasant when they strike, but they adversely affect sufferers' entire quality of life, since they can occur at any time. Thus sufferers may avoid socializing, travel, driving, and in extreme cases leaving their home altogether.

Panic disorder sufferers can easily feel isolated as friends and family find the condition difficult to understand compared to more obvious physical problems such as a broken leg. (more…)

Anxious Thoughts and Broken Records

This article by Barry McDonagh likens anxious thoughts to an old record with the needle stuck, playing the same sound (thought) over and over. It goes on to present a simple 3-step technique for freeing your mind from the repetitive anxiety track. (more…)

Causes of Panic Attacks

Barry McDonagh analyses the causes of panic attacks, beginning with a definition of anxiety and describing the fight/flight response. It explains the physical and mental effects and gives some practical advice for coping with or avoiding anxiety. (more…)

Eliminate Anxiety and Panic Attacks For Good

This article by Barry McDonagh describes the symptoms of panic attacks and the helplessness felt by sufferers. It goes on to reassure sufferers that they are not alone and goes on to describe a technique to cure panic attacks. (more…)