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How to Live a Beautifully Exotic Life in a World of Mediocrity

By Prachel Carter

exotic adj. Intriguingly unusual or different; excitingly strange:

What does it mean live an exotic lifestyle?

Exotic living can mean different things to different people, but in the context of this piece, it means to live life in a true and authentic way. To the outside world, this type of transparent living may seem weird, or strange or different.

Humans, by nature, are exotic beings.  We are all very different.  We were meant to be.  Could you imagine a world where everyone was the same?   We are all shaped by our different perspectives, views and life experiences.  No two of us are the same.  Ever. 

Most importantly, what makes us different are the gifts that we were born with, and our ability to choose how we share them with others.  When it comes to how we share our gifts, the possibilities are endless.

Everyone was born with a gift to share with the world and you have the power to choose how and when to use it to uplift and inspire people.  You have infinite possibilities available to you on how to use what has been given so lovingly to you.

Much like a lotus flower, once you start to unwrap your gift, you will discover more layers.  This discovery process is where the magic happens.  As you uncover just how deep your gift is, your life begins to change and you can never, ever go back to your old self.  The good news is that life just keeps getting better and better the more you choose to dig deeper into your gift.


As society would have it, we have been shaped and molded to believe that we have to live a certain way because that is what is expected of us. This is part of our conditioning.  You may have been conditioned to believe that your purpose is to go to school, get a good job, get married and start a family.

There is nothing wrong with conditioning, in and of itself.  It helps us to find our way.  Sometimes, it even helps us to learn what we do not want.

Conditioning may help us to begin walking on the path but it does not help us to understand why we are on a particular path, or even why we have to walk at all!  Under conditioning, life is linear, meaning it is a straight path of doing this and that to get a desired result. The problem with conditioning is that it teaches that the straight and narrow path is the best and only way to live.

The Truth

Life is organic.  There is not one single way to live it.  There are an infinite number of ways to live.  However, most of us choose the safe, comfortable and expected path.

Does that sound like your life?  It does not have to be.  Not for you anyway.  Ponder on the meaning of being exotic.  Think about what your life would be if you lived without conditioning.  What if, instead of choosing the safe/comfortable/expected life, you chose the fun/adventurous/exciting life?  For some, just thinking about living life without the safety net of conditioning can be scary.  For others, it can be incredibly uplifting.

We sometimes get caught up in leading mundane lives, where we have predictability and comfort.  Things are familiar and we resist change.  Instead of craving the things that we have not experienced before, we prefer the sedate life, surrounded by things that we are familiar with.

Other times, we look around and realize that we are not happy with what we have or how we are living.  Comfort is not always the same as happiness.  The spark of transformation is like flipping a switch and afterwards, we begin to crave life like never before.

Your journey to exotic living starts with a change of attitude but breaking out of your shell is not always easy.  In fact, it can be scary but it does not have to be.  Discovering and sharing your gifts will ignite the sparks of passion that have re-awaked with in you.

If you are willing, you can create and design your life from the vision of yourself living in a totally unique and different way.  You don’t have to fit into the mold.  Are you ready to awaken?  Discover and share your gifts and let the transformation begin!

About The Author

Prachel Carter
Prachel Carter is the author of The Magic Inside: Keys to Unlocking Your Gifts, Powers and Talents. Her desire to inspire transformational life experiences led her to start Fearless Vixen Productions which creates artistic women’s empowerment events.


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