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Adventure Holidays for the Disabled

by Georgina Evans

If you are disabled or struggle with movement of the body, holidays are often put to the back of peoples mind. Seen as a hassle, many people try and avoid adventurous holidays as they may think it is too much trouble. However, this is not the case as there are many places in which people can visit.  No matter what your disability is, it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on these once in a lifetime experiences. Even though these holiday suggestions may seem daring and intense, the instructors who take you through each event are qualified and trained in their specific field. Whether it is scuba diving or sky diving, we will have a look at all different options to hopefully suit your needs. (more…)

Business Basics – Finding Your Niche

This short article considers what is meant by business and provides advice on finding your own niche in the age of the Web.

What is Business?

Survival requires many inputs; food, shelter etc etc. Yet more inputs provide additional comforts of life. Humans developed division of labor as means of increasing efficiency and individual utility. Rather than everyone try to do everything themselves, we specialize in a particular function and do it for others in return for the benefit of their functions; the process is blurred somewhat by money.

Business, essentially, is the process identifying the function/niche(s) that you wish to perform, doing it (them) for other people and receiving payment (and using such payments to buy your own needs/wants). (more…)

Purpose and Motivation

A Personal Manifesto

The motives we display often differ from our true purpose. Finding and pursuing that true purpose is a major part of life’s mission. I hope these words may help you maximize your motivation through discovering and aligning with your true purpose, and in so doing find both happiness and fulfillment during this journey we call life. (more…)