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Don't Let Asthma Limit Your Potentials

By Lori A. Palermo

It is quite undeniable that asthma puts some kind of burden to affected individuals. There are even instances when it tends to hold a person back from getting his or her full potentials.

Asthma can really stop you from accomplishing what you can do especially in the physical aspect of your being. In fact, some people’s dreams of joining the military, becoming an airline pilot or joining the ranks of professional athletes have ended because of this disorder. Asthma is therefore something that should not be taken lightly especially if you really want to achieve your dreams in life. That said, it would be prudent for you to find alternative solutions in order to stop asthma from holding you back. It is certainly the best way to do - much better than allowing asthma to take control of your life. (more…)

3 Reasons Why Exercising is Essential for Asthma Management

by Ria Antonio

Whether you are a fitness buff or a couch potato, you know very well that sports and exercise have amazing benefits to your health. But if you're a person with asthma, you will surely have second thoughts about it because engaging in strenuous activities can leave you breathless.

On the contrary, having asthma isn't reason enough for you to avoid engaging in sports and exercises. (more…)