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Understanding Irrational Thinking

Most people like to consider themselves rational beings, making their various life choices for all the logically "right" reasons. However, the fact is that human behavior is filled with irrational biases that seem to be hard-wired into our minds/brains.

This article attempts to define "rationality", and highlights some of the more common forms of irrationality. Being aware of these factors in our psychology may at least make us less vulnerable to their innate pitfalls. (more…)

Making Decisions with Logic and Intuition

Making decisions is often one of the toughest challenges we face as human beings. And yet having the ability to decide is one of our greatest causes to rejoice, since it proves we are more than mere automata controlled rigidly by inflexible physical laws.

We are each a unique and complex mix of values, drives and goals that are frequently uncorrelated, and sometimes conflicting. In making decisions we are essentially attempting to optimize our position in relation to these many factors. If we are fortunate, there will be a clear choice that benefits us on all counts. Life is rarely so simple, and decision-making is usually a case of finding the most favorable (or least unfavorable) compromise.

This article offers some advice on a number of decision making techniques that can be employed when faced with such an opportunity. Just as there is no universal right decision that would apply to everyone in a certain situation, so there is no singular technique that applies under all circumstances. (more…)

How to Make Good Decisions

For many, making a decision is one of the hardest challenges presented by life. It need not be. The very fact we are faced with decisions emphasizes our very special gift of free will. Without free will we would be mere automata, biological machines going through the motions. Consciousness without meaning or purpose.

So, why is decision making so difficult? Perhaps because of imperfect knowledge. We cannot know in advance how each option will “pan out”.

Perhaps because making a choice means by definition the rejection of one or more previously existing potentialities. It’s comfortable to have choices. Making a decision means closing doors.

Being faced with decisions is a very real reminder that we are more than flesh and blood, atoms and molecules. We are Spiritual beings temporarily clothed in flesh. Although subject to the constraints of physical existence we maintain responsibility for, and control over, our personal destiny. (more…)