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Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind. Einstein

The Self Help Sanctum provides a growing collection of ideas to help you know yourself, understand yourself and fulfill yourself. Whether you have a specific problem such as anxiety, depression or low self-esteem; or wish to generally improve your effectiveness or wellbeing, the Sanctum has something for you.
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Don't Let Asthma Limit Your Potentials

By Lori A. Palermo It is quite undeniable that asthma puts some kind of burden to affected individuals. There are even ...

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Grati-texts & Grati-tweets - From High Tech to High Touch

by Karyn Buxman My alarm clock didn't go off. Someone had already used up all the hot water before I could take ...

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What is happiness and why does it seem to be so hard to achieve?

by Katrina-Jane So many people are in the pursuit of happiness and contentment, which to me mean exactly the same thing. What is ...

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Vital Tones discovers brain wave frequencies, to alter specific areas of the brain!

A Turkish researcher has discovered a way to stimulate specific areas of the brain through brainwave entrainment! “It’s bold to say ...

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3 Reasons Why Exercising is Essential for Asthma Management

by Ria Antonio Whether you are a fitness buff or a couch potato, you know very well that sports and exercise have ...

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Overcome Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are real, debilitating, common, experienced by all kinds of people, often misunderstood - and - treatable. This article defines what a panic attack is, considers the likely causes, and outlines recommended treatments - including one highly effective natural technique. More...

Understanding Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The Modern Epidemic
Despite modern life offering unprecedented technological benefits, and medical science being able to cure or alleviate many more physical ailments than ever before, somehow "happiness" seems more elusive than ever for a growing number. More...

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